Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

2007 came in with a bang for me...almost literally. Saturday night I went out to listen to my soon to be new town's mayor's band ( Yup, the mayor; he is a little older than me and is one of my good friends). That night one of my ear drums ruptured after I made it home. I didn't get any sleep that night, and felt so horrible that I went to the emergency room on Sunday. It felt like I spent ALL day there...

I have had an ear infection, and I assumed that the loudness of the band helped rupture it. They freakin' rocked. But at least now I have really good painkillers.

Did you catch that I am moving again? Yep, I am moving into a house during this week...leaving my apartment happily behind. Thank God. I hardly spend any time there. My new house is very conviently located catty-corner from my best friend Bree's house. Which is where I usually am unless I am working, at the barn, or out harassing men at the bar. Because I don't sleep much.

Ok, I seriously think it is probably the men harassing me. I am not seeing anyone in particular, and I don't care if I do or not. This draws them in like flies to sugar water. I don't know if it is the time of year or what, but I have never felt so pursued in my life.

Also, my new barrel horse comes to the barn this upcoming weekend. I am very excited; no, elated to compete again with horses. I have been marking all of this year's rodeos, speed shows, and barrel horse shows on my calendar.

There is some much to catch you all up on, and so little time. Hope you all the best!