Saturday, November 04, 2006

Still Kickin'

Holy Crackers, ya'll. My last post was at the end of AUGUST!

Perhaps that is not a bad thing, although I do miss everyone out in the blogosphere.

Since my last post, my life has changed tremendously. I moved into an apartment and moved my horse to a boarding stable located in the town I work in. This place might as well be my own barn, as I hardly ever see anyone there except the owners and whomever I drag along with me (mainly Bree). I like it like that, cuts down on the BS. Still having issues with stupid people.

My life has been revolving around work, enjoying my horse, singing, and football. Yes, I said football...the draw of Friday night lights and cheering on an undefeated team into the playoffs. Bree's son plays, so we are in over our heads in spirit beads, painted windows, and wearing shirts flaunting our dedication every casual Friday to the team who has kicked every other co-worker's son's team at the office this year. Hooah!

Speaking of the office, I went from getting promoted and having my own clerk to seeing several changes in staff...usually involving scandal that I can't even disclose here in the blogosphere in fear that it could endanger my job. Yes, a big deal....industrial espionage and embezzling anyone?

And I have been seeing someone pretty steady...and I am hoping that is a good thing. Wanna hear the oddest part? I met him at church. Seriously.

Hope everyone's life is going as peachy as mine. Love to you all - Cowgirl out.