Thursday, June 15, 2006

123rd Post

Yep, this is my 123rd post in this blog. Not impressive at all, but I thought it was cool that the numerical order was 123. Uh huh, doesn't take much sometimes to amuse this cowgirl...

Oy, I am hoping I have came to a conclusion about jobs...I took a lot of your comments to heart, and figured that I should just pick one, because what are the odds I'll be there in five years anyway?

I decided to go with my heart, and should be starting my new job within the next few weeks, when the guy I am replacing finally has his last day. I've been using a functional resume this time around, and I have to say, I LOVE functional resumes.

Excitement is setting in, because I already know a lot of the people who work for this corporation, and I will be able to go to lunch with Bree everyday if so desired. Plus, I can wear jeans on Fridays, and at this place, casual business wear and cleavage is in. Yay!

Until then, I am going to continue to do some graphic design work, and spend a few hours a day during the week helping out a friend that is a lawyer while his personal administrative assistant is on vacation.

And of course, I am going to keep three horses in training...but that is my limit. Three. Some people are not happy about that, but tough. They don't own me.


Good news...I have been invited to join the women's ensemble group at church. Why is this a big deal? Because I am the only twenty something to ever be asked to join! Plus, Bree was also asked to join, and we perform at a lot of big events, sometimes around the country. Practice is every Sunday after the last service at church (ours has several), so looks like I'll be spending even more time there.

I swear, Bree and I are salt and pepper shakers. Can't go anywhere without being asked where the other one is, or how they are doing. And honestly, we don't spend but a few hours a day together while we work out. With the exception of the weekends.

Most people that don't know any better think we are related or ask if we are sisters.

Perhaps we are.


Blogger BarnGoddess said...

Good luck in the new job! isint it great to have a friend like Bree? Id be lost w/out my best friend L!

8:31 AM  
Blogger brian said...

Go Cowgirl, Go Cowgirl! Congrats on the new job, sounds like you will be fitting right in.

Bree and Cowgirl, joined at the hip.LOL

Also I am so very, very happy about your success at church singing, God has got a good one in you. I am so very humbled by your friendship and love.

Keep the faith. You friend hummingbunny.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Having a true girl friend is precious indeed and unfortunately, hard to come by! Hold on to her and don't let go!

Good luck with the new job! What will you be doing?

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Gone to the dogs ate my bunny said...

Good night Cowgirl,

see you tomorrow for the carnival.

Brian aka hummingbunny

P.S., this is my alias at centralsnark.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Minka said...

I think it is lovely to have a friend liek the two of you are together. Boy that is a bad grammatical sentence. I am gonna let it stand like this :)
I have one too and her name is Lisa. I am Monika...and together we are rreferred to as MonaLisa. Whenever one of us is seen, teh other is expected shortly! :) Not true, but people act as if it were :)
Good luck with the new job!

6:29 PM  
Anonymous shayna said...

Friends that are that close... are like family.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Major John said...

Glad you went with your heart. Work will be more rewarding, if not more lucrative, that way.

"Plus, I can wear jeans on Fridays, and at this place, casual business wear and cleavage is in. Yay!"


10:52 AM  
Blogger Kyahgirl said...

You're wise. And yes, good friends are a true blessing. Have fun in the new job and the singing gig.

2:32 PM  
Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

I'm with Major John. Did you tell Jake?


7:08 PM  
Blogger Rude1 said...

MMMmmmmm, cleavage...


7:52 PM  
Blogger Jake said...

Sounds like a Sister Act with you and Bree in Church choir together. I pray you enjoy yourself thoroughly.

3:49 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

When I was 19 I had a ranch manager I worked for tell me there's no decision I could make today that couldn't be replaced with another later. The job sounds good so far, have a good time with it.

4:11 AM  
Blogger brian said...

Good Monday morning,

My friend, you are one of a kind.

5:34 AM  
Blogger brian said...

Maybe you could set up a coin operated blog, kinda like the little music machines at diners. You're right though, it is addictive!

7:42 AM  

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