Monday, May 22, 2006

Holy Crackers

This past weekend found me in the best spirits that I can remember being in since high school. And I am straight up serious about that. I've been so freakin' happy that people are going to think I am on something.

My incessant sniffling due to allergies probably doesn't help.

Shayna, the wonderful rocker chick that she is, always makes me think about pursuing my love of music. Her words of encouragement mean more to me than she will ever know.

I am still in shock that I have attended church every Sunday since Easter. This past Saturday night, I went to sleep at 0300 hours, got up at 0530 hours on Sunday, and was at church to warm up by 0700 hours. Holy Crackers, I am going to have to start getting my ass home at a decent hour on Saturday night. That's some dedication. To what, I am not sure.

But I was more shocked that one of the movers and shakers of the church wants me to take over the musical part of the contemporary service because he feels I can keep the program growing because of my age, stage presence, personality, and love of music. Yes, me. I was so dumbfounded when they asked me, I couldn't talk. Me, replace the music director?

HOLY CRACKERS what are these people thinking? Do they not hear the ceiling strain when I enter the building? When they say "Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors." they mean it.

I attend church in a decent sized city not too far away from my hometown that has services that are broadcasted on TV so that those that cannot attend can still get their helping of Church every Sunday. Two of the services are your typical traditional Methodist services, but my favorite is the contemporary service. Everyone sings, claps, rocks out to the music...

The idea is to get everyone pumped up before they sit through the sermon. Therefore, the music director starts the service, then the congregation shakes hands and says good morning, and then the band starts playing about 6 songs, depending on how long winded the speaker is for the day. And we are not talking hymns (although I love singing those too)...we are talking some good tunes.

I have watched myself on some of the recordings of the services, and it does look like Bree and I are having WAY too much fun singing. The two of us harmonize so well, it's freaky. And it is an awesome feeling to look out into the crowd and see people singing and clapping while we are singing. Absolutely awesome.
But Holy Crackers I am in shock that they want me in a leadership position.


Blogger BarnGoddess said...

woohoo! way to go cowgirl! ummmm... didnt Reba McIntire(sp?) start her huge and successful singing career singing church stuff? I do not know very much country music trivia, Im more of a Metallica, Ozzy listener, but Im pretty sure thats how ms. Reba started out, let me know if I am wrong. remember us little peeps when you become rich and famous! after listening to you piece, I certainly think anything is possible for you : )

3:59 PM  
Blogger brian said...

Holy Crackers!! Batman!!
Is this what I think it is?
What's that, Robin?
A Bat signal!
No, it is a Horse signal.
A Horse signal Batman? Holy latex tights! Is it a new dastardly henchman of the Joker? POW!!, THUD!! Or maybe the Penguin, ZAP!! CRUNCH!! Should I fire up the Batmobile(4x4 Biodiesel of course).
No Robin, this a signal from a deep-under-the-covers secret agent.
Hey, cool, what's his name.
HER, codename is C.C., Robin.
Oh, well then what is she doing singing in church?
I don't know Robin. It could be she has been brainwashed, or.....
Yes Batman!
Or she could be being recruited by the forces of good.
So, she is on the our side.
Oh yes Robin, C.C. is most definitely on the side of good clean fun.
So Batman, she sends up a distress call because she is being recruited but she hasn't decided yet?
That's correct Robin.
I'm confused.
That's why Robin, you will always be a sidekick.

4:06 AM  
Blogger Household6 said...

I came by way of Sgt Hook. Your blog is a great read. I added you to my daily reads.


6:28 AM  
Blogger Jake said...

I have a feeling you're being chased by the Divine Lover, Cowgirl.

6:46 AM  
Blogger avereragebusinessman said...

happiness is a good thing.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Major John said...

As a Methodist, I can only cheer for the whole situation.

9:36 AM  
Blogger The Phoenix said...

I love that pic at the top with the horse. Is that you?

I think my 21 month old daughter is going to be a horse-person. I brought her to my boss' house, and he had three horses. My little girl kissed the horse right on the nose and fed them carrots straight from her own hand.

Holy Crackers! I can't afford a pony!

9:47 AM  
Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Holy Crackers Cowgirl-you better get on that bronc and ride!! sounds like fun.

10:04 AM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

Thanks, Barngoddess. You are too kind.

Reba was pushed to go to Nashville after singing the National Anthem at the NFR...but she had been singing with her family her whole life.

Brian, you made me laugh so hard I snorted and everyone asked what was so funny.

Welcome HH6...thanks for visiting. Military spouses rock!

Jake, I'm scared. Just a little.

Major John, thanks, and ya know, you are close enough to come visit and cheer in person. ;)

Phoenix, hello! Riding lessons are a good compromise.

Kyahgirl, I'm seriously thinking about sucking it up and climbing on.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous shayna said...

Keep it up! :)

6:14 PM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

Shayna, I am. I am just loving it. But I am scared too. But not of performing.

Of all people I bet you understand.

9:52 PM  

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