Friday, May 12, 2006

Drink, Don't Drive

Absolutely brilliant marketing strategy. Loved this t-shirt's message. Amazing what one finds on road trips at truck stops. Drink beer, it's cheaper than gas! Oy, like I need an excuse to drink beer? The price of gas certainly is not one of them. But it does make for a cool t-shirt.

And I just had to share this picture as proof that I can out drink Bree. Poor thing. She just couldn't keep up with me...but there is also proof of the opposite. See, we trade off drunk nights if it's just the two of us going out. Only one of us is allowed to get trashed, so that the other can be the babysitter. Works perfectly. And no we don't get drunk ALL of the time; it's only occasionally. BTW, this picture is from my birthday weekend.

If you missed my post on Thursday, it's worthwhile reading material. Kyahgirl, that cowboy never got the nerve to ask me out, even after a few beers. Therefore, I invited him to the cook out tomorrow at Bree's sister's place. So I am certain that will be entertaining. Hopefully in a multitude of ways. If you catch my drift.

Plus, they are going to have a bonfire. And I am a pyro.

Fire, fire, fire...heh, heh, heh (points to anyone who can tell me who I am imitating).

Want proof of why Cooper and Wombat are wonderful? Masticate on this.

Sgt Lori has a must read. "AT EASE" had me laughing hysterically! OMG to be a fly on the wall...hooah!


Blogger arizona69 said...

That T-Shirt is hell amusing.. Don't drive drunk solution? Ok: stop driving, drink Niagara ;)

5:57 PM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

I thought it was hella amusing too, Arizona.

6:05 PM  
Anonymous shayna said...

LOL... on the T-shirt...

Girl... you worry me on the drinking... or maybe I'm jealous about the drinking... :)~

I love Cooper and Wombat's Mastication... :)~

6:26 PM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

Shayna, perhaps it does sound like I drink a little...but do you blame me? Look where I am stranded... LOL.

Seriously, I'm a good girl...

I thought the t-shirt rizzocked.

You are always welcome to come party with me! Alas, you are a ways South of the Corn Desert.*sigh*

6:50 PM  
Blogger BarnGoddess said...

good luck with the cowboy...sometimes they act a little like the cattle thier around all day long....

9:23 PM  
Blogger SGT Lori said...

the drunk pic is too funny. And Beer is cheaper than gas??? Good grief. Too bad my car isn't a drunk! LOL.

4:39 AM  
Blogger Sar said...

Bonus points to be had? Oh hells yeah! You're imitating Beavis...or is it Butthead? Damn I'm getting rusty. A for effort? Hell, I'll take one of them t-shirts as a parting gift and be a happy gal.

Can't wait to hear more about the bonfire and the cowboy!

6:36 AM  
Blogger Leigh said...

It's great when you can have picture proof that your friend totally passed out before you did. Now all you had to do was put her bra in the freezer as punishment for downing you one drinking bud for the evening.

That shirt was awesome. I am totally Masticating right now!

6:47 AM  
Blogger brian said...

You know I can't stay away. I am at the library working on future posts. Just be careful at the barbecue that you don't burn the weiners and toast the buns.
I wrote a song yesterday.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Did you buy the shirt?

I would like to see you and Shayna trying to out drink each other. That would be a sight.

A shy cowboy? I didn't know there was such a thing.

Hey, if you ever bump into Bruce Webber up that way, tell him he's a sissy for not playing the Dawgs. And mention to him the Salukis preseason ranks are higher than his :)

10:12 AM  
Blogger EsotericWombat said...

a fellow pyro... excellent. good luck with the cowboy.

huh... I wasn't aware of designated non-drinkers existing where driving isn't an issue. Then again I've never actually gotten fall-down drunk. It's a public saftey concern. If I were to fall in company I'd take people down with me =P

re: mastication: awww... thanks!

11:04 AM  
Blogger Kyahgirl said...

good luck with your cowboy!
sometimes the shy guys just need a bit of encouragement. sometimes there's no hope. You'll find out :-)

7:18 PM  
Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Hey chica! Stop being such a bloggin' dynamo cause I am falling behind! Dang! ;-)

It's been crazy but I have been reading up... see that our wild Cowgirl is yet to be tamed! And may you never be!

Boho kisses to you amiga!

2:08 PM  
Blogger Minka said...

I love fire too. I am infamous in my little village at the age of 12 I burned entire fields down. I couldn´t say I am sorry, ´cause I wasn´t. It was so pretty!
Have fun at the party in many ways;)

3:59 PM  
Blogger Jake said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:33 PM  
Blogger Jake said...

Hey Sar, it's most definitely Beavis. Cowgirl, you never cease to amaze me.

9:37 PM  
Blogger avereragebusinessman said...

Be careful around cowboys.

I don't know much about them. ;)

Nice picture a toned down "girls gone wild".

8:07 AM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

Barngoddess, I am glad they don't all smell like their cattle...

Sgt Lori, if your car was drunk, then would it get the DUI or would you?

Sar, A+ and a t-shirt for a brilliant effort. And we'll see how the cowboy goes.

Leigh, HELLO! A hot surfer mama has arrived!

It sounds hot when you say masticate.

I love her too much to have put her bra in the freezer...but interesting idea.

Brian, I am always careful. ;)

Chris, do you think I bought the shirt?

There are a lot of shy cowboys. And I will have to masticate on your Weber comment...I bleed Orange and Blue, ya know.

But you are right. Shhhh....

Wombat, I'm a fellow pyro. Somehow that doesn't surprise me.

You can fall down drunk in my presence, and I swear I'll try to catch you. ;)

Kyahgirl, the cowboy has promise.

Miz B, taming me is going to be difficult, I am afraid. It's gonna take some wrangling...

Minka, a fellow pyro? Welcome! But please don't burn the place down. ;) And it was fun in many ways...

Jake, you are the only one that absolutely knew the answer. Now, what to give you as a reward...hmmm....;)

I hope I never cease to amaze you. - a toned down girls gone wild...LOL.

Gotta watch dem cowboys...

12:00 PM  
Blogger Jake said...

LOL. Cowgirl do I look like a bounty hunter to you?

11:20 AM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

Jake, I don't know if you really want my answer to that outside of an email. ;)

I think Doug's word of the day, Flirtation, is possessing me.

11:23 AM  

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