Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Cowgirl Update

Go wish Kyahgirl a Happy Birthday! Cheers!

Barngoddess has a post here that makes me appreciate life even more.

Today marks the one week count down to my 25th birthday - April 25th. Appropriately, a special karaoke night is being held at my favorite hangout in honor of my birthday. I am delighted, especially since the birthday girl is drinking for free. Therefore, Barngoddess, more tequila shots may be in order. I already have a designated driver on retainer. ;)

After the storms on Thursday night, I awoke to no power or internet. The horror! My provider had been knocked out too. But like I said, I'm Alive, so that is what matters most. I am back to being my "dynamic posting self", to quote Miz B. My short absence of internet capabilities has made me realize that I am addicted to blogging, and that I love my blogosphere friends.

Miz B has me pegged; I am "still seeking many answers to life's questions and wondering whether she should move away from home or stay put."

This four day weekend was amazing, and it has been battling for me to stay put close to my roots. Friday night I went out with my friend Bree (Rude1 - I've talked about her to you before; aka my bar top dancing buddy); in her I have found my soul sister and a sense of familia. She is a little bit older than me, but that probably is why we get along so well. I can be my Patriotic Cowgirl self around her, and she encourages it.

Bree and I had a large time Friday night. We closed the bars down with two younger than me guys; one is in the Army Reserves, so we talked shop. He reiterated the thoughts of the Hottie Reserves guy, that I was the hottest 91WM6 he had ever met, but he didn't classify as a hottie. Cute yes; hot, er...no.

Bree had said that she needed to do some shopping for Easter Sunday, so I suggested drunk shopping at the Super Wal-Mart in the big city. What a road trip that was! Cutie Army Reserves Guy and his battle buddy followed us there. I haven't laughed that hard in years; and I think we were very amusing for the employees. Especially the shopping cart races and this slightly inebriated Cowgirl trying to catch things as Bree, former fast pitcher extraordinaire, pitched them at me.

After we were done terrorizing Super Wal-Mart, we all decided to eat breakfast. It was after 3AM, so why the hell not? I ended up pulling back in the driveway after 5AM. But is was SO worth it, because all we talked about was politics and religion. Which I NEVER get to really physically voice my opinion about. Surprising to both Bree and I, we were finishing each other's thoughts. Those poor guys didn't stand a chance.

Bree is the one that twisted my arm so that I would sing in choir Easter Sunday. I am so happy that she did, because somewhere within that day I found some inner peace. A re-birth of sorts. I have my own thoughts and battles with religion and where it stands in my life; but I think I am going to start attending church with Bree and become a fixture of the choir. It struck a harmonious chord that is still reverberating in my soul.

My parents went for a motorcycle trip on Sunday, therefore Bree invited me to her place in a neighboring small town for lunch after church. Her kids were at their biological father's for Easter; but her parents, Bree's sister and her husband, her husband's parents, and a few other strays were there eating Bree's excellent food and enjoying each other's company. It actually felt like I was part of a family, not just a member of one.

While we were at her house, the sirens started screaming. ANOTHER tornado. Like my usual self, I ran outside, sans flip flops, to see what we were up against. Bree's husband, retired Army, is a volunteer firefighter and trained weather spotter, so he was absolutely amused by me. While we were outside, we witnessed an accident involving several vehicles. All of the standing water from the onslaught of rain made accidents inevitable. Being that we were both trained in life saving measures, we ran up the street to the scene. Yes, I was barefoot. It takes an ambulance 15 minutes to reach the scene, so we were basically first responders. Everyone was ok, suffering minor injuries, with the exception of an adorable little boy(5-ish) who was choking on candy he swallowed when his mother hydroplaned and crashed into the truck in front of her. This poor lady, blood trickling down her forehead, was screaming that her baby couldn't breathe.

It was a big deal, but not really a big deal. I asked for her consent to help him, and then in a blur of motion, out popped the peppermint he had gotten after going out for Sunday Brunch with his family. He took a deep breath, then started hiccuping. You ok son? (Hiccup). Um, (hiccup), yes'm.(Hiccup). Mommy can't (hiccup) drive. Daddy (hiccup, hiccup) is always saying (hiccup) that.

What a spiritual day. Those words were priceless. I'll never forget being called an Angel by that little boy's mother. Her "Thank you"s and "Thank God"s were the most sincere I have ever heard. And we got a good laugh out of his hiccuping wiseness. All while a few tornadoes jumped around 10 minutes away. Amazing.

Wednesday I have a surprise.


Blogger Jake said...

I just laughed really, really loudly. The words from that little boy were hilarious. Good post cowgirl. Thanks for sharing.

4:05 PM  
Blogger BarnGoddess said...

Awesome cowgirl! You make this world a better place, even if you are a drunken Wal-mart terrorist-heehee. Before they had 24 hr walmarts, I once was a drunken 7-11 terrorist, I am just as guilty~

5:44 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Looks like more storms might be heading your way tonight. Stay safe. And thanks for contributing to my blog.

9:01 PM  
Anonymous cooper said...

Nice peaceful sory for a late night read . Thanks.

Hope the storms get ot of there for good soon.

10:15 PM  
Blogger Rude1 said...

Dayum Cowgirl, you sure have an interesting life! I'm really happy for you, starting to find some answers; or at least actively looking!

I'm with Jake, that kid is too funny! SO glad you were there angel!

Hope to talk with you soon :)

7:27 AM  
Blogger star firstbaseman said...

Dahling, what a pleasure to find you. Doug did good picking you as the guest of the week. :)

9:07 AM  
Blogger dddragon said...

Congrats on being there for that little boy. Sometimes parents don't react quickly or correctly. (my hubby can be that way - panic first and then settle down)

*sigh* it's been 18 years since I was 29 yrs old on August 29.

And I'd be right with you in running outside to see a tornado. Only we don't get enough in Pennsylvania to have it actually happen to me yet.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Kyahgirl said...

what a great post and thank you for the birthday wishes :-)

That incident with the candy is why we never let our kids eat stuff like that while travelling. A little one died in Edmonton last year, choking on a hard candy in their car seat. Very tragic.

glad you're singing-there is something about music that just connects a person to the divine!

9:40 AM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

Jake - It was hysterical. That poor mama didn't know whether to laugh or cry. All in a day's work.

Barngoddess - I like being a drunken Wal-Mart terrorist! lol

Chris - Those storms hit me again. UGH!!!

Coop - Thanks. Don't think the storms are going to be over for awhile....

Rude1 - My life might be complicated, but never boring.

Star Firstbaseman - Welcome! Doug is wonderful!

3D - I have plenty of tornadoes to share. Thanks for visiting!

Kyahgirl - Little ones shouldn't have hard candy, especially in the car. You are so right. I was happy that was the most severe thing that happened in that pile up. I was expecting the worst.

10:54 AM  

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