Sunday, April 30, 2006

Standing Water

Watching and waiting
For someone to understand me.
I hope it won't be very long.

If you missed Saturday's post, it's worth a look, as I rarely go off on a political tangent.

Shayna has an awesome post up of her road trip through Nowhereland, and if you haven't read her rockin' interview at Political Notio, you need to get moving! Pronto.

Oh, and Coop is my hero because she went to D.C. for the Rally To Stop Genocide in Darfur. She also has a blog dedicated to this hell on Earth. Barack Obama was there too; I really like this guy. I met him a few times, and he was impressive.

The lovely pia goes back to the beginning, bringing back memories of a lady I worked for that was a hardcore groupie with the Moody Blues. The stories! I know a lot of stuff about them, Hendrix, Buffalo Springfield...and I remember her talking a lot about Justin Hayward. I know who Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, is. That was originally a comic book!

OMG. I am playing mommy the next few days for my friend Bree's three children while she is in Nashville for a business trip. This could be interesting...but I am excited. She comes back Wednesday night! Yeah!

I hate to admit it, but I just had to tune into Meet The Press today. I have pretty much liked Dick Durbin, but now I really like him. Listen here. Wanna watch the whole thing? Then head here. Thought it was interesting and a tad bit entertaining.

My three cents: if everyone would quit playing the blame game, they could actually figure out a solution. To something, for fuck's sake. Politics is such a pissing contest sometimes. Makes me want to run for office.

Seriously, I am politically unbiased. And maybe that is why I am extra frustrated.

Uh, oh. I have mentioned politics two days in a row. Watch out. ;)

My middle name is Trouble...

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Who I am
Does it matter anyway
Who I am
And what I've seen along the way
Who I am
It changes a little everyday
But with the light of truth and an open heart
I just want half a chance
As long as I'm here and before I go
I'm gonna find out who I am

The apple of my eye. Looking into his soulful eyes, I see him as he sees me.

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

SUPPLY AND DEMAND...a little thing I learned before Jr. High....

Ok, I am going to have to step up on my politically unbiased soap box and just get this out of my head. Rumblings of how expensive gas is getting has blanketed the world in a thunderstorm. And sooner or later lightning is going to strike.

There are people here in my hometown picketing two gas stations owned by large oil companies, Shell and Exxon Mobil. Holding signs, they have been featured on the local television stations, with the intent to persuade/force the stations to lower their prices, or attempt to drive prices down by boycotting the bigger corporation's stations. These people are hoping local consumers will buy their gasoline at the smaller stations in town, like Casey's (Doug knows these are everywhere in the Midwest).

I chuckled when I saw that all of the participants had driven their own vehicles to where they were protesting (benefit of being in a small know what everyone drives). Way to set an example. Bet they also have old, dirty fuel filters too...

I just don't think people get it. Local station managers have no control over prices. Politicians have little effect on prices; even if my state is planning on waiving the gas tax from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This might alleviate a little bit of stress in the finances, but honestly, what is really going to drop those prices is if we, as a nation, are conservative and try to start using other sources of fuel. Because there very well may be a day when crude oil becomes harder and harder to find. It is a natural resource that is not renewable.

Yes, my pocket book cries every time I fill my big diesel truck up, but I bet not as much as yours. I have became more efficient in when/where/why I drive, and try to carpool as much as possible instead of everyone taking their own vehicle everywhere. And I use biodiesel, which gets me about 40 miles a gallon. Not to mention it is a renewable resource, is more environmentally sound, and is in ample supply here in the Corn Desert. Go here to see more about the benefits of biodiesel.

Or what about ethanol? When I was a state officer for FFA, we drove a car that ran on ethanol E85, which is 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Again, this is more environmentally friendly. And it supports our nation's economy by using what oil is produced here in the US/North America and our farmland's renewable supply of corn. Barngoddess' family and others like hers would still be able to make a wonderful living from the oil fields here in the good ole USA.

My state also has oil area has rocking oil pump jacks speckling the country side. There are a few of them along side the road on the opposite end of the farm from our two houses, on the other side of the timber, past the fields. Rock, rockin' away.

Petroleum is not just used to make fuel. It is also used to make other chemical products like plastics, fertilizers, and pesticides. So even if we lowered the use of petroleum in fuel by using biodiesel or ethanol, there would still be an outlet that needs the petroleum we have in the U.S. Although, I don't support the use of petroleum based pesticides and fertilizers, but that is a whole nother post.

The price of oil is high everywhere, not just in the U.S. The world is consuming it beyond supply. Supply and demand. Simple.

Stop and think about our current situation with Iran and it's development of nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, Iran controls where nearly half of the world's supply of oil goes through. The Persian Gulf. So if the U.S./UN does act, you can beat your sweet ass Iran is going to play hard ball. Then gas prices are going to sky rocket.

But what do I know?

ADDENDUM: Sgt Grey Eagle's husband is going to be featured tomorrow, Sunday, April 30th, on CNN at 6:30 PM (EST)/5:30 PM(CST). It is a live interview about the website and life as a female soldier's husband. This is a must see.

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Good, The Bad, And The Fugly.

There are days when I just wonder why I blog.


I'm not trying to be a writer or poet or rock star. Well, perhaps the last one. Been pondering that a lot lately.

But I re-read my posts, and my little patriotic cowgirl piece of the blogosphere is basically my online journal, with occasional witty remarks tossed in for good measure. Every once in a while I rant or say something constructive. Somehow I manage to steer clear of really talking about politics, or anything else that is not considered good to discuss at the supper table if you want to actually eat your food at the temperature it was initially intended to be consumed at.

And I don't get into my military life much. And I probably won't...can't.

Originally, I thought I was going to be drilling this weekend; but it looks like I am going to stay home and go to a funeral instead for a girl, er, young woman, that was a little younger than me that died in a accident just the other day. She was 22, getting ready to graduate from college in a matter of weeks. I would much rather be drilling than wearing black again.

On a much brighter note, I am going to be in Kentucky next weekend, getting ready to watch one of my highlights of the year, the Run For the Roses, the Kentucky Derby. First leg of the Triple Crown. THE place to get a mint julep. I've been to the derby before and to Churchill Downs several times, but I am ecstatic about going, because this was a surprise gift for my birthday. And I get to take one person of my choosing, because I have a spare ticket and my own room that has wireless internet! I am thinking Bree or Travis...and my gut tells me I will have more fun with Bree.

And I think my hall of fame jockey friend would have more fun taking two hot ladies to the parties instead of me and my whatever I call him. Because I don't know what to call him.

Somehow I don't think this equates to a vacation. But in my twisted world, I will enjoy it just as much.


This year's race is going to be a good one. I personally like Sweetnorthernsaint, who won the Illinois Derby impressively. And this horse has some speed unlike many others his age at this distance. I think if the track is fast and he makes a good break, he will be right there. But he can't waste his speed early (note to jockey)!!! Kent Desormeaux is more than capable. But bet your ass I am going to be talking him through the race, lol.

I also like Lawyer Ron, a Northern Dancer bred horse that won the Arkansas Derby. I think he is going to be hitting his peak for the derby. He is a solid horse, and I like the looks of him. His jock might be only 24, but then perhaps he will ride this horse instead of his ego. (And yes, that was a dig, lol).

My two horses that can sneak in and steal the show are going to be Steppenwolfer and Showing Up. Steppenwolfer just has it to be a derby horse; his running style is impressive. He is bred to be a winner, and I think he has it to pass up the horses not used to running the extra distance of the Kentucky Derby. Again, a wise trainer and jock could get this horse to a win at the wire.

Showing Up, on the other hand, has that important strong kick down the back stretch. Depending on the track conditions and how he breaks, this guy could do more than show up. His jockey placed second last year in the derby, but has never won one. My gut tells me this horse could steal the show depending on how the conditions are.

Everyone pretty much has Brother Derek, winner of Santa Anita, as one of, if not the favorite at the date of this post. But the favorite hardly ever wins... besides this horse is still in California. And he has only had one race in his three year old year that I know of. But he is going to possibly be in the mix. Coming down to the wire, he just might cause trouble.

Shayna is even cute when she rambles. Check out Shayna's interview at Chris' Political Notio!

Miz B...more revealed, in a tag/meme/whatever the hell they are called. ;) They are great for rainy days. Figuratively and literally.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Get To Do WHAT!

Today, I get to put new graphics on a local city's fleet of squad cars; I designed it myself (go me!), using the colors of their high school. Usually the officers keep most of them at home when they are not on duty, but today, they are all going to be there for me to work on. Only the officers on duty today are bringing their cars in, so I get to drive a few of them back and forth from the cop shop to our shop's garage. ME. Can you get a speeding ticket in a cop car? Just curious...doubt anyone would even have the nerve to pull me over.

Seems like I am going to be a busy Cowgirl, as I am getting three colts in to start. They are being delivered Saturday...but I will not be here because of drill. Oh well.

Shell, my favorite pixie, tagged me. So here goes.

1. What time did you get up this morning? 0600 hours. And today was SO much better than yesterday. I can stomach coffee.

2. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Plus that is my birth stone.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Dreamer. With 10 of my riding lesson kids last year. Loved it, but I am a sucker for a good horse movie. And Dakota Fanning is an awesome actress.

4. What is your favorite TV show? I would have to say Grey's Anatomy or Medium. When I get to watch them.

5. What did you have for breakfast? A banana protein milkshake, homemade.

6. What is your middle name? Trouble

7. What is your favorite food? Depends on the day. And I am into organic raised food.

8. What foods do you dislike? Not much of anything. But if you wanna know what MRE's to stay away from, I could help you out.

9. What kind of potato chips do you like? I like plain Baked Lays. And I am a salsa and guacamole freak, so good tortilla chips are always stashed somewhere.

10. What is your favorite CD at the moment? That is so hard to answer, because I am a music freak. Sugarland's CD Twice the Speed of Life, Miranda Lambert's CD Kerosene, and a mix CD I made with my favorite songs of the moment including Crossfade, Metallica, Black Eyed Peas, Green Day, Sublime, Chevelle, Relient K, My Chemical Romance...along with several others... I know, weird mix. And sometimes nothing beats Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Stones, Aerosmith, or AC/DC. And Matisyahu is awesome. And every once in awhile I like the Dazed and Confused soundtrack.

11. What kind of car do you drive? A 2004 Chevy 3/4 ton HD quad cab diesel that I recently put a chip in to soup it up. And it runs on biodiesel. Which gets me about 40 miles a gallon now!!!!!

12. Favorite sandwich? A Turkey Bravo on Tomato Basil bread from Panera (at the moment). Which is almost always paired with French Onion Soup.

13. What characteristics do you despise? Two faced people, liars, mean people. Your basic evils of humanity.

14. Favorite item of clothing? Depends. My socks if I am army girl. Comfy jeans are a must for civies...and I can't stand cheap bras, but that is probably TMI.

15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Vacation? What's that? Ok, seriously, Ireland...or Italia. Or Nashville.

16. What color is your bathroom? The downstairs one is eggshell, taupe, and brown with a touch of Burgundy. The upstairs one is more contemporary, and coordinates with my teal, brown with a touch of light green bedroom.

17. What is your favorite brand of clothing? Don't have one. I love vintage stuff though. My favorite boot brand is Ariat.

18. Where would you want to retire? Retire?! At this point, the last thing I am worried about is retiring.

19. Favorite time of day? Tie between sunrise and sunset.

20. Where were you born? In a hospital somewhere in Cornland.

21. Favorite sport to watch? Rodeos or showjumping. I like college sports and the Olympic Games too.

22. Who do you least expect to answer this???? Who cares?

23. Person you expect to answer first? Ditto. lol

24. Coke or Pepsi? Dr. Pepper!!!

25. Are you a morning person or night owl? Both. Seriously.

26. What size shoe do you wear? 9 - 9 1/2

27. Do you have any pets? A horse, two Australian Shepherds, his Majesty the cat, and some chickens.

28. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with everyone? I realized that it is impossible to runaway from something that is within.

29. What did you want to be when you were little? Tie between a jockey or a veterinarian.

30. Is the glass half empty or half full? Hmmm, depends on what the glass contains. ;)

31. What is your best childhood memory? Laying bareback on my old yellow horse on a nice summer night while he grazed in the pasture and I looked up at the stars.

32. What are the different jobs you have had in your life? Research Assistant, Secretary, Waitress, Bartender, Accountant, Exercise Rider, Horse Trainer, Barn Manager, Graphic Design Artist, 91WM6 to name a few.

33. What color underwear are you wearing? Black

34. Nicknames: Red, Cowgirl, Legz

35. Piercings? 3

36. Eye color: Brown

37. Ever been to Africa? No, but I would love to go.

38. Ever been toilet papering? Hell yes.

39. Love someone so much it made you cry? Yes.

40. Been in a car accident? Yeppers, but not when I was driving. Knock on wood.

41. Croutons or bacon bits? Croutons

42. Favorite day of the week? Don't have one, because now I am trying to make them all good.

43. Favorite flower? I love flowers...I like stargazer lilies, coneflowers, orchids...I just love flowers.

44. Favorite ice cream? Haven't met a kind I really disliked, but I don't eat much of it because I am afraid it will go straight to my ass. But I love a good strawberry milkshake. And homemade icecream is impossible for me to turn down.

45. Disney or Warner Brothers? Either

46. Favorite fast food restaurant? Does Panera count?

47. What color is your bedroom carpet? I have hard wood floors

48. Failed your drivers test? Nope.

49. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail from? Hmmm...think it was a tie between Shell, Miz B, and my gal pal Bree.

50. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Schneiders oh yeah!

51. What do you most often do when you are bored? Mess with my horse and dogs, run, or blog. And if all else fails, I doodle until I start writing something.

52. Bedtime? When I fall asleep.

53. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire? Everyone's

54. Last person you went to dinner with? The last two times have been with Bree!!! I love her.

55. Lake, Ocean or river? Ocean. But any water will do.

56. How many tattoos do you have? I am getting my lower back done pretty soon. Because I can.

57. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is this a philosophic, religious, or scientific question?

58. How many people are you tagging with this? Whomever desires to deem themselves tagged.

And yes Shell, I do love you with all my heart.

Kyahgirl has some awesome pictures of a horse she loved as a child. Anytime you find yourself in the Corn Desert, holler, because I would be honored to take you riding chica! I'm sure you can fit into my boots.;)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

25 years and a day

Last night was an absolute blast. I drank more than my fair share of booze, and Lordy am I paying for it today. I feel borderline shitty, not all the way shitty. There is a difference; I never desire to feel like I did in college again! The horror!

Perhaps I should have reined myself in a bit. But considering this was the first birthday that I have had in my home town since high school, and the fact that it was also my golden birthday, I am sure it was warranted. And it sure as hell was entertaining, and I had so much fun serenading everyone, and doing duets with my pals. My gal Bree and I do an awesome Does He Love You, her singing Reba and me singing Linda Davis.

The beautiful Shayna gave me a shout out for my birthday. I am always amazed at all she accomplishes, and she still makes time to blog!

Shell, my favorite pixie, has some wonderful words here. And that cowboy...thanks!

Here is the lilac bush that is right outside my house. I love lilacs, as does Cooper. Their fragrance may not make everything instantly better, but it sure does help. If you haven't been to her Darfur blog yet, get thine self over there!

Some of my tulips. I got a little carried away.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Cowgirl's Birthday

Today is my golden birthday...25 years old on the 25th of April! Yeehaw! Icky! Icky! I am jumping for joy! It's all spurs and no bit today!!!

My favorite pixie, Shell, sent me some wonderful presents! Thank you! I needed that cowboy!;) Patrick, aka Esoteric Wombat, included me in his introspective rant, wishing me Happy Birthday. Thanks man! Cheers!

The wonderfully sassy Doug of Waking Ambrose also gave me a shout out on my Birthday. Thank you! I got third place in the caption contest over at Sar's! Which is awesome considering the competition I was up against, Doug and Miz B. Speaking of Sar, she couldn't bring me back a tangibly rich, good looking, single man while she was vacationing in Aruba, but she did find pirates! Arrrrrr....

I've had a busy BUSY weekend, but so much fun! The horse show was a blast, and my green "around the gills" steed was amazing. I am glad I wore my schooling chaps. He needed a little reining in, but not the kind Cooper is talking about.

His barn name is Chocolate, but I call him Choco-latte. Dunno why. But I think it is funny that his name is Chocolate, considering my I Need A Band-Aid post. So since he is a horse AND his name is Chocolate, is he therapy, or a band-aid? I am going to go have some more breath of life and mull this over.

I want to thank Brian of Truth Is Freedom for the wonderful poem he wrote for my birthday that he sent to me about a week ago. He truly has a way with words.

Born of earth and corn

now third decade of her life

unfurls freedom flag

singing parties she attends

celebrating birth today

This is a poem written by mio amico italiano, the charming Alexandro. Grazie.

Il Canto del Mare (The Song of the Sea)

Vi era un tempo in cui il Mare
ed il bimbo giocavano felici,
rincorrendosi l'un l'altro.
Il bimbo ed il
Mare ridevano assieme ed erano amici.
E quando alla fine il bimbo era stanco
e sudato,
il Mare lo cullava,
fra mille riflessi del
sole calante.
Allora il bimbo si lasciava andare
a quella affettuosa
ninna nanna,
fino a che non giungeva la notte.

Ora il bimbo e'
ed il mare e' vecchio,
e stanco.
L'uomo non ha
dimenticato il suo grande amico,
che ancora sa farlo sorridere e dargli
Anche il Mare non ha dimenticato i tempi felici,
in cui l'uomo era
bimbo e giocava con lui.
Ora il vecchio amico e' stanco,
ed ha sonno.
L'uomo e' con lui, e' grato e sorride.
Ora e' il bimbo a cullare
l'amico, stanco,
mentre i riflessi si spengono,
ed il mare s'addormenta,
e sogna.
E l'uomo piange

Speaking of Italian, I am a little rusty. But thanks to the urging of the wonderful Pia of Courting Destiny fame, I am brushing up. Might be advantageous, and what a romantic language. Speaking of Pia, saddle up and head over to her place, as she is certainly not a one hit wonder! Thanks for the birthday wishes and other advice!

The 10,000th visitor at Shayna's was Wombat! Head over there to My Music Highway and listen to the song she wrote in his honor, and while you are at it, read her rockin' interview with Miz B!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I Need A Band-Aid

Who is going to be the 10,000 visitor at Shayna's? Perhaps you? Head on over there and listen to a song I like to sing along with. Chocolate is a band-aid...Amen for chocolate!

Well, if chocolate is a band-aid, coffee must be like the breath of life. Wonder what alcohol is me, horses are therapy, so that is out. Escape? Fun? Maybe it spells trouble. But, perhaps trouble is wisely spelled c-o-w-g-i-r-l.....;)

Off to go ride the horse I am showing in a hunter/jumper schooling show tomorrow. I always seem to fall into catch riding horses that I have never ridden before, let alone seen before. That could be eventful. (Horsey people catch the pun?). Oh, and Shayna, I am taking my schooling chaps just for you. ;) I have several pairs of chaps, so anytime you want to borrow them, just holler.

Top 15 Reasons To Date An Equestrian

15. We know how to use whips and spurs correctly.
14. One word....bareback.
13. We are used to bite marks.
12. We can ride for hours.
11. Even after a rough day, we're always ready to ride.
10. We mount with ease.
9. We ride 'em hard and rub 'em down.
8. We have good hip control.
7. We instinctively know how fast or slow to go.
6. We can ride in any position.
5. We're used to having 1, 500 lbs of muscle between our legs.
4. We can always hit the right spot.
3. We're used to a bouncy ride, and make them look smooth as glass.
2. When we fall off, we get right back on.......and ride even harder.
1. We like it dirty.

My song for the day ...

And the song for this country...LOVE this song. I am the Patriotic Cowgirl, after all.

Friday, April 21, 2006


About f-ing time Friday rolled around! Here's my public service announcement for all of you.

Four more days til my birthday!

Off to bed - it's close to 0300 hours. I am too damn tired now to say much of anything.

If you voted for me, thank you. Appreciate your support. If not, please head over to Sar's! Located in her sidebar; what a wonderful birthday present!

UPDATE - 10:30AM

My must read of the day is GETTING NAKED WITH THE ZENFO PRO:Hiking, Information Science, and the Art of Skinny-dipping with a Lesbian Couple from Out West. I am impressed. *thumbs up*

UPDATE - 11:00AM

The bohemian world in Spain holds my next must read. Head on over to Miz B's! My sides still hurt...


Shayna has a very important public service announcement of her own. Holy Crackers!

Hmm....I am seeing a relation in topic matter between ZenFo Pro, Miz B, and Shayna's posts today...

Is it gettin' hot in here, or is it just me?

Baila en la calle de noche, Baila en la calle de día

My hips don't lie either. ;)

Bree and I are thinking about signing up for a belly dancing class...what a work out!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Vote For Me!

Patriotic Cowgirl - Saddle up and vote for my caption! Don't forget to bring some friends! Spread the Cowgirl love!

Jumping sidesaddle for votes!

I am campaigning for votes as I am in the Tell Me Tuesday Contest over at Sar's Belle of the Brawl. Shameless promotion is allowed and encouraged, so vote for me! *bats eyelashes coyly*

I was tagged by my pal Rude1, so of course I thought I would oblige.

Six Weird Things About Me That I Do Not Typically Share

1.) I have a photographic memory, accompanied by an IQ over 140. Can we say freak? I remember horse pedigrees and other things by "looking" at them, re-reading them in my mind.

2.) There is a pair of pull on boots by my front and back door, in case I need to go outside quickly. I also always have a pair of boots in my truck, accompanied by horse halters and leads, a rope (lariat), fencing pliers, an equine/human compatible first aid kit complete with suture kit and epi-pen, flashlights, flares, and other things in case horses, cattle or other livestock are loose; or an accident happens. I would leave my shotgun in the truck, but that would get me in trouble.

3.) Whenever I eat a salad (practically every day), I always have a little bit of Ranch AND a little bit of French/Catalina. And I prefer baby spinach, and think iceberg lettuce is a waste of time. But I will eat it if I have too.

4.) I have done some modeling, and would do it again in a heart beat.

5.) I also have had the experience of riding as an extra and as a double on set. Where and when, I am NOT telling. But someday I hope to have a few trained horses to be used in movies.

6.) Everyone by now should know I am an accomplished equestrian; Mom says I have been riding since I was an embryo. Literally. If it involves horses, I am all over it. I surpass the term horse crazy...I have an obsession with all things EQUINE.

I have driven four in hand (four horses at once), and I have driven draft teams during the Winter Holiday season in two big cities for extra money before I could even drive a car, uh hum, legally. I also am family friends with a family that raises Clydes for a certain beer empire.

I was fortunate to have a trick riding family close to my home town, so I learned how to trick ride and roman ride (click here for video).

Ride'em Cowgirl!

I also like to teach horses how to bow and rear on command, along with other dressage and upper level movements. And I have a fascination with the Spanish walk, demonstrated here by a little girl on a Friesian.

One of my favorite Andalusian stallions is Alborozo, click here to see a video of his outstanding intelligence and beauty as he Spanish walks, piaffes, and passages into people's hearts.

Alborozo, jubilation in horse form.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Today I am the Rootin Tootin Wednesday guest over at Doug's Waking Ambrose. Quite the privilege. Please head over and check it out; it is sure to be a wild and zany time, considering I am the guest! The word of the day is sidesaddle! Very suiting.

Riding an American Saddlebred carrying the American Flag... how patriotic!

Two Pinto Half Arabians from the same training stable win Regional Champion and Reserve in Ladies Half Arabian Western Sidesaddle. Go team!

Here's a Friesian for Barngoddess! Hope you like to groom!

Again, last night sirens woke me up. More tornadoes jumped around very close to home. That makes 5 tornado producing severe thunderstorms from March 13 (before Spring). Geesh. And we are only getting started!

Head over to Shayna's to see some mind candy. Some of my favorite peeps made her list! Including the still blushing Patriotic Cowgirl. Can't wait to meet her for karaoke and beer!

Pia is making the news everywhere! They know a good thing when they see it, but I am a bit miffed at how they spin things. But that's the media for ya.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Cowgirl Update

Go wish Kyahgirl a Happy Birthday! Cheers!

Barngoddess has a post here that makes me appreciate life even more.

Today marks the one week count down to my 25th birthday - April 25th. Appropriately, a special karaoke night is being held at my favorite hangout in honor of my birthday. I am delighted, especially since the birthday girl is drinking for free. Therefore, Barngoddess, more tequila shots may be in order. I already have a designated driver on retainer. ;)

After the storms on Thursday night, I awoke to no power or internet. The horror! My provider had been knocked out too. But like I said, I'm Alive, so that is what matters most. I am back to being my "dynamic posting self", to quote Miz B. My short absence of internet capabilities has made me realize that I am addicted to blogging, and that I love my blogosphere friends.

Miz B has me pegged; I am "still seeking many answers to life's questions and wondering whether she should move away from home or stay put."

This four day weekend was amazing, and it has been battling for me to stay put close to my roots. Friday night I went out with my friend Bree (Rude1 - I've talked about her to you before; aka my bar top dancing buddy); in her I have found my soul sister and a sense of familia. She is a little bit older than me, but that probably is why we get along so well. I can be my Patriotic Cowgirl self around her, and she encourages it.

Bree and I had a large time Friday night. We closed the bars down with two younger than me guys; one is in the Army Reserves, so we talked shop. He reiterated the thoughts of the Hottie Reserves guy, that I was the hottest 91WM6 he had ever met, but he didn't classify as a hottie. Cute yes; hot,

Bree had said that she needed to do some shopping for Easter Sunday, so I suggested drunk shopping at the Super Wal-Mart in the big city. What a road trip that was! Cutie Army Reserves Guy and his battle buddy followed us there. I haven't laughed that hard in years; and I think we were very amusing for the employees. Especially the shopping cart races and this slightly inebriated Cowgirl trying to catch things as Bree, former fast pitcher extraordinaire, pitched them at me.

After we were done terrorizing Super Wal-Mart, we all decided to eat breakfast. It was after 3AM, so why the hell not? I ended up pulling back in the driveway after 5AM. But is was SO worth it, because all we talked about was politics and religion. Which I NEVER get to really physically voice my opinion about. Surprising to both Bree and I, we were finishing each other's thoughts. Those poor guys didn't stand a chance.

Bree is the one that twisted my arm so that I would sing in choir Easter Sunday. I am so happy that she did, because somewhere within that day I found some inner peace. A re-birth of sorts. I have my own thoughts and battles with religion and where it stands in my life; but I think I am going to start attending church with Bree and become a fixture of the choir. It struck a harmonious chord that is still reverberating in my soul.

My parents went for a motorcycle trip on Sunday, therefore Bree invited me to her place in a neighboring small town for lunch after church. Her kids were at their biological father's for Easter; but her parents, Bree's sister and her husband, her husband's parents, and a few other strays were there eating Bree's excellent food and enjoying each other's company. It actually felt like I was part of a family, not just a member of one.

While we were at her house, the sirens started screaming. ANOTHER tornado. Like my usual self, I ran outside, sans flip flops, to see what we were up against. Bree's husband, retired Army, is a volunteer firefighter and trained weather spotter, so he was absolutely amused by me. While we were outside, we witnessed an accident involving several vehicles. All of the standing water from the onslaught of rain made accidents inevitable. Being that we were both trained in life saving measures, we ran up the street to the scene. Yes, I was barefoot. It takes an ambulance 15 minutes to reach the scene, so we were basically first responders. Everyone was ok, suffering minor injuries, with the exception of an adorable little boy(5-ish) who was choking on candy he swallowed when his mother hydroplaned and crashed into the truck in front of her. This poor lady, blood trickling down her forehead, was screaming that her baby couldn't breathe.

It was a big deal, but not really a big deal. I asked for her consent to help him, and then in a blur of motion, out popped the peppermint he had gotten after going out for Sunday Brunch with his family. He took a deep breath, then started hiccuping. You ok son? (Hiccup). Um, (hiccup), yes'm.(Hiccup). Mommy can't (hiccup) drive. Daddy (hiccup, hiccup) is always saying (hiccup) that.

What a spiritual day. Those words were priceless. I'll never forget being called an Angel by that little boy's mother. Her "Thank you"s and "Thank God"s were the most sincere I have ever heard. And we got a good laugh out of his hiccuping wiseness. All while a few tornadoes jumped around 10 minutes away. Amazing.

Wednesday I have a surprise.

Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm Alive!

My internet is finally back up. It has been down for what seems like an eternity, and I was starting to have withdrawals. I haven't had power off and on since my last post, but that is easily remedied with a teeth-rattling generator.

My favorite bohemian mama, Miz B, chose this picture, The Rode Yonder, after I tagged her a little while back. I find her intriguing; she has so much emotion and power that she brings forth in her writing. Saddle up and check out what she has to say, it's worth the virtual ride to Spain.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Sound of Sirens

Declaration: The word for the year is going to be TORNADO. Seriously.

I am wide awake after another thrilling storm. Tornadoes that threaten during the night really piss me off, because they are nearly impossible to see. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of a tornado late at night when lightning strikes. The clouds were extremely low due to the cold temperatures, so the lightning was intense. Still watching it out the window. Intoxicated.

The lightning started early before any precipitation, which is a good indicator that things could get interesting.

The sounds of the hail hitting my windows indicated the size. At first, I was thinking that the marble sized hail was big. Then the golf balls came. They hit so hard they were bouncing pretty high off the deck.

Often large hail is the sign that you are North of the path of a tornado. Which I was. But generally speaking, hail doesn't mean a tornado. Or vice versa.

Hail is formed in cumulonimbus clouds, aka thunderheads. It usually occurs in the summer, because the warm updrafts hold the rain up in the clouds where it freezes and grows, until the updraft isn't strong enough to carry the hail. Then it starts spitting out anything from tiny specks to the largest hail ever recorded, which was almost 2 pounds! Poor Coffeyville, Kansas back in 1970. Imagine ice balls that big being hurled down at speeds of up to 120mph!

Last I knew, Illinois farmers were the leading consumers of crop insurance for hail damage. Like you needed to know that.

Looks like the rest of the night is going to be uneventful, so off to bed I go. Thanks for tuning in to Cowgirl's Weather Update.

Thirsty Thursday

Mosey on over to some good reads:

Shayna is brawling over at the Belle of the Brawl today. Go over and put in your two cents worth!

If you haven't been to Doug's Waking Ambrose, you are missing a good thing. Today the word being discussed is wine. Don't make me whine, because I find it appalling. I have a sign in my barn that I also have a duplicate of that says "No Whiners Allowed." That one went to all the horse shows to be hung in my tack room.

An occasional "Woe is me" is ok. And warranted. But consistent whining drives me crazy.

Even though this in no longer a pink haven, I am still enthralled with the pink place to be: Courting Destiny. Pia Savage is brilliant. Her talent with words and the way she thinks out loud is intoxicating to me.

I want to introduce a new blogger, Brian, of Truth is Freedom. He originally emailed me about a poem he wrote after reading my post Numb, about my 16 year old friend being assaulted. He also has a poem he wrote about me, too! Please check them out! Love that I inspired him to write again after keeping his pen idle for 8 years! Amazing and flattering. I thank you Brian for all of the kind words and for speaking out!

More to come!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Shocked to come here and not see pink? I am still tinkering around with it, but so far I kinda like my new blog home. Simple, quick to load, and three columns. I'm content.

Plus the patriotic hearts are cute.

Everything has been touched by my Spring cleaning fever. Even the dogs and my horse are getting baths and a good grooming today. Yesterday I attacked the barn, which wasn't bad because I am such a neat freak anyway. Not OCD, but more along the lines of military brat tidy.

Ever been told you were hot while at a visitation or funeral? I now have... occurrences happening several times the last few days. It just doesn't seem right for someone to be hitting on me then.

Coop had another philosophical moment... I knew I liked her for a reason.

Jason of Zenfo Pro discusses eating disorders, society, and sorority girls buying big bottles of laxatives...and now I am working on a post that maybe I will put up later. Or maybe not.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Mothers Say The Darndest Things

While sitting with my mom drinking coffee, the phone rang. Mom answered, listened for a brief moment, said Well, about time it was great news - then hung up the phone.

Mom filled me in, because I must have looked puzzled.

They said "We have great news for you!" Well, about time it was great news. I am sick of getting those calls telling me I won an Ozark Getaway.

Reminder to self - double check to make sure I did put my parents on the Do Not Call list.

A must read ~ Sgt Hook's No Tears In Heaven

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Currently procrastinating getting ready for the visitation for my childhood best friend's mom that I need to go to on this Palm Sunday. Like that is going to manipulate time. I have another visitation and funeral to attend right after the funeral on Monday, as my cousin's wife lost her battle to cancer yesterday. But now she is no longer hurting.

While having brunch with my parents this morning, I said, Thank God I like black, because that seems to be the color of choice these days. Shocked at what I said, I held my breath in fear of a lash back, but instead my dad busted up laughing. Whew. Ten years ago, something like that could have gotten me back handed. Thank God or whomever is responsible for Dad getting nicer as he ages.

Do I normally go to church... honestly, no. Most of my Holy days were spent on the back of a horse at a horse show. Which is appropriate, because on a horse I feel the most spiritual. Horses are always honest and never hypocritical.

During these young adult years, I do tend to end up at church during Christmas, Easter, weddings and funerals. I was raised Methodist, but I frequented all of the churches or synagogues in the area, attending services and youth group meetings with the menagerie of friends I was blessed with in my childhood. Never did it cross my mind that there was something wrong with any particular religion/culture, or an absence of one.

Growing up with such an open and diverse background makes me who I am today. Accepting. A listener. A thinker. Pro-active, not reactive. Seeker of the truth, not just what I should think is the truth.

Is there anything wrong with how I am so unbiased (especially politics)? I don't even fit into being labeled as a conservative Democrat or a liberal Republican. Honestly, defining myself either way tends to take the focus off of the issue at hand. I feel so much pressure to peg myself into a hole, that I want to scream. Do I HAVE to identify with anything?

Truth is what I prefer.

But now I need to become the cowgirl in black. I already wrote my favorite childhood memory and a poem about my second mom that I am going to share with everyone, then leave with her to cherish as we have cherished each other. So glad I have some good tear proof mascara.

Geesh. Is it possible that I can be a linear and non-linear thinker?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I Love Storms, But I Think Enough Is Enough

Tornadoes ripped through Eastern Tennessee yesterday, wrecking havoc and leaving massive devastation across the Volunteer State, focusing around Music City. Check out the Tennessean (Nashville) and the Gallatin News Examiner for awesome photos and actual accounts of what happened.

Keep Shayna's family and friends in your thoughts and prayers, as last I knew she still hasn't heard from one of her friends in Gallatin. She has some awesome pics and a video link here.

My grandparents (my mom's dad and her stepmother) who are in their late 70's live in the country around Gallatin, and fortunately only suffered some minor damage. They gave us a scare because we couldn't get ahold of them for awhile, but somehow they managed to get a cellphone signal and were able to let us know they, along with their little fluffy ankle biter Peaches, were safe. They moved down there at the end of last year, to be with her family (she is from Tennessee like my dad's parents) and because the weather was nicer. Huh?

Both of them have been dealing with tornadoes all of their lives, but Gramps couldn't find the words to describe the devastation around them in Sumner County. Not surprising, as he is a man of few words on an everyday basis. All he could muster was "Sis, I'm just glad we are alive." Not as many people in the area around them were as fortunate as my grandparents to make it through without injury or loss of property. One unfortunate couple was found by rescuers, holding one another. So sad.

So far, in Sumner County alone, nine people were killed in a storm that even I, a simple college educated cowgirl, KNEW was going to be volatile. Did the sirens not work?

When I was predicting tornadoes last night, I certainly didn't expect to be right, even if it was a little further South... A little freaky, don't you think? Especially since they hit my grandparent's town? When I said It Feels Like Tornadoes, I had no idea that I actually was predicting some powerful weather.

Absolutely freakin' out.

Perhaps I should become a storm chaser after all. I have posted about tornadoes here, here, here, and here. With intermingling weather madness through the last month of posting. Wow.

The TN ARNG is being called up to help patrol the streets, I heard through the grape vine. I am really tempted to go volunteer down there, as my medic skills could be advantageous. Granny was saying that a hospital was hit, and one of the ladies who died was a nurse...

Friday, April 07, 2006

Pia Made My Day!

I have to admit, I am enthralled with Pia Savage's Courting Destiny. She was recently featured in an article in the Long Island Press. Much to my surprise, here is what she had to say about me in her blog this afternoon.

My parts of the blogosphere are generally open to anybody with a brain, verbal acumen and some wit, as Patriotic Cowgirl can tell you. She does the best tornado reports since…well never since I think only heard them once in my life, talks about horses and country living, and for somebody like me who lives in Manhattan, it’s an antidote to city living.

I thought she read my blog occasionally because it was pink... just kidding.

It Feels Like Tornadoes

I smell bad weather. The storm front is getting ready to roll in here in a bit, and I just have this feeling that it could get exciting again.

It has been a sunny day for the most part, with temperatures in the 70's. Match this with the storm front coming through pretty soon and the fact that it is supposed to be in the low 30's tonight...well, you have the makings for some powerful weather. Yeehaw.

Most definitely will be a t-shirt, jeans, and flipflops night. Oh, and maybe a pony tail. Because odds are I will get wet from the inevitable rain. I'll just have to remember not to wear white...

Not exactly sure what I am going to do tonight. My choices are either listen to an ok sounding band, or go sing karaoke. Band...karaoke...hmmm.... Is it sad that I would rather sing karaoke than listen to an "ok" band play? Damn it, I can't stand when I sing better than they can. It irritates me. I would much rather listen to karaoke, at least I KNOW half of them can't carry a tune in a bucket.

I must have some enthusiasm or something (right Doug)? He is such an enigmatic dawg.

Go over and wish Sar a Happy Birthday! She is the hottest stiletto that I know. Ok, she is the only stiletto that I know, but who's keeping track?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Beginning of the End

First of all, I want to congratulation the wonderful Pia on being featured in a newspaper article about her blog that has such a diverse and widespread following. Click here to read the article. Can't wait to read her book!

Received terrible news today. Should have known; it has been such a dreary day. My childhood best friend's mother passed away yesterday. She and her husband pretty much helped raise me, as my parents did their children and the rest of the country kids in the area. The glory of growing up where I did in the country; it literally did take a village to raise us.

From before kindergarten to about eighth grade, Dani and I had been thick as thieves. We grew up only a country block away from each other, and spent the majority of our time together, often with a few other kids, and sometimes a small herd. We were a tight knit group, until the inevitable changes that happen when one starts to become a teenager. Dani and I were still close, but it wasn't the same.

A little older, and much wiser, I understand that everything changes...nothing stays the same.

The majority of high school, we remained friends, but not best friends. That was Nicole's newly appointed position. I tended to skirt the "good girl" issue more than Dani desired to do; Nicole and I had partying and showing horses in common. The two of us together screamed trouble, but somehow we never got caught. Sometimes I think this pissed off Dani, but she never really showed it.

Nicole and I remain close friends to this day, despite the fact that we have lived at least 400 miles away from each other since a year after our Sr. year of high school. Oddly enough, she will be here tomorrow to spend a little over a week visiting. Guess she also has a funeral to go to this weekend.

Not quite the reunion we had pictured.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What to Blog Wednesday

Cheers to Shayna for throwing an awesome virtual party. Guess I got a little wild... must have been all of the Tekillya.

Sounds like Pia has something brewing for Thursday, so be sure to check it out.

AND on Friday we all have another party to attend over at Sar's...

DawgyDoug dropped me a not so subtle hint about maybe being one of his Special Wednesday Guests. I'll let you know if/when this might occur...could be very interesting.


Somehow, I felt like jogging (driving) my horse around this morning. I bet he feels like he survived Custer's Last Stand - he is the lone survivor, much like Captain Keogh's horse Comanche.

I haven't done much with him since the accident, except feed and brush him. But I got this overwhelming desire to hook him up to my jog cart and go cruise the driving path in the timber, as my dad and one of his brothers finally cleared the downed trees from the first tornadoes.

Tears streaked my face when I had to adjust the harness down to fit him, as the last horse I used it on is now buried underneath the old oak tree next to his other fallen comrade. Pride was so happy to be messed with, he would have harnessed himself up. I couldn't get his bridle on fast enough.

There is something so peaceful about the country first thing in the morning. The grass was so green, blanketed in dew. When the sun hit it just right, it looked like little mini-rainbows scattered along the hill side. Amazing.

During the drive, I felt at peace. My brain was silent without thought, which is a rare transaction lately. The only audible things were the birds singing, Pride's rhythmic hoofbeats, and the occasional groan of the jog cart. It was just me, my horse, and Mother Nature. My favorite combination.

Pride usually picks up the pace after we start heading back towards the farm, but this time he didn't. He must have been enjoying the outing as much as I was. After arriving at the barn, I unhooked him, and he followed me back into the barn, unled, to be unharnessed. I pulled his bridle off, and he rested his forehead on my chest. I dropped the bridle, and hugged him around his neck, while he nuzzled my back. Horses need hugs too.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Happy Birthday Shayna! Go over and wish her Happy Birthday... the Stones are playing! Plus Shayna is already doing keg stands....

I thought this was the perfect gift for me to give to Shayna for her birthday. Johnny Cash was a musician that transcended genre; he influenced country, rock, blues, gospel, folk, and rockabilly music. Cash hated mainstream Nashville... Some how I see Shayna as a musician that is hard to "peg" and unwilling to conform to Nashville, therefore the autographed Cash guitar is a good fit. Plus, she has a "following" that is very diverse - just read her entire blog roll.

I am heading back over to the party... and don't forget Sar's birthday is coming up 4/7!

Someone pass the tequila! Body shots anyone?


Been there, done that, going back for more.
One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.
Pick myself up and head back for more.

Monday, April 03, 2006


First, tornadoes when it is technically Winter, then a blizzard when it is Spring, and now more tornadoes. Geesh! Throw in my friend getting raped and the accident... all within three weeks.

This is a rainbow that showed up after the storms hit last night. Perhaps it was a sign that I need to keep looking on the bright side of things. Like I am alive and have a roof over my head. Or perhaps it is merely water droplets diverting the sunlight's spectrum of colors.

Last night I was not home when the storm went through, and neither were my parents. There were some shingles blown off both roofs, and some tree limbs down. Plus no power. This set of storms was not nearly as bad as the one three weeks ago, but it hit in a more widespread area. And there were more casualties than the last storm.

Being the karaoke addict that I am, I was out at the Irish singing with my friends, which by now basically includes the whole bar. The Irish is in a pretty small town close to my hometown. As per bar code for watering holes in Tornado Alley, anytime there is severe weather headed our direction, it is a must to leave one of the TVs on a local weather station. I kept eyeballing the TV, and the storms cells that were brewing looked wicked.

Being the freak that I am, as soon as I heard the sirens screaming a little past 6PM, I ran outside sans flipflops to see if I could spot funnel clouds or a tornado. Much to my delight, there were two funnel clouds, and MASSIVE rotation about half the size of the town I was in (population 500, give or take a few). I watched the two funnel clouds suck back up into the clouds, on their way to hit hard a little North of where I was at. As soon as I felt the temperature change and the drop in barometric pressure when the rotation started passing over us, I turned around and booked it back into the bar, leaving everyone else wondering why I was running.

Then the non-weather wise gawkers piled back into the bar, soaked from the onslaught of rain that I knew was coming next. Oh, the joys of knowing a little meteorology.

The sirens went off twice more after that, and we even got some nice sized hail. Fun times in Tornado Alley.

Need to smile and go "Awww..." head over to Shayna's.

Speaking of Shayna, remember to grab your party hats and put on your dancin' shoes, because we have a birthday to celebrate Tuesday!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Right to Shake That Ass

Check out Coop's post (cross posted at BIO) about rape, kicked up by alledged rape at Duke. She is a very talented young woman that has sparked a debate on her use of the phrase "culture of rape."

Pia of Courting Destiny also posted at BIO "how women have the right to walk the streets without listening to men talking about their tits."

This is what this cowgirl had to say about it over at Wonderland Or Not :

Culture is no more positive than it is negative in the modern day use of the word. It is a word used to define a certain time and place, including behaviors and values of a society. So obviously it is suiting because that is the world we live in.

If it sounds too vulgar or strong good. Because it is. That is the point.

I am outraged that this societys first response to a rape is that they deserved it or they brought it upon themselves. No one deserves to be raped.

But I would make an exception for those that commit rape. I hope they drop their soap.

Honestly, I have a hard time thinking that getting raped is a severe enough punishment for rapists.

I briefly touched on rape a few weeks ago when my 16 year old friend was raped. This sweet angel did not want to report it because the rape culture that we are surrounded by does make the victim the accused. It was their fault for dressing provocatively or because they were shaking their ass on the dance floor. They were asking for it.

Bullshit. Every female has the right to shake her ass, bump and grind, and be comfortable with herself and her sexuality without the fear that she is going to be raped for it. Because no means no. Just because she is female and a man wants a piece of ass doesn't make it yes, no matter what.

Who is to blame for this culture of rape? Society? Parents? Pop culture? Religion?