Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My Right Hand Man

This is the most loyal male I have ever had in my life. My beautiful, slightly chubby Australian Shepherd. He will be 10 years old this year, and is one of the few consistent things I have had in my life during those 10 years. We met through Aussie rescue; we both needed someone to love and care for each other. I've had him since he was a puppy; so he has traveled all over the US and Canada to horse shows with me.

I hauled a lot of places by myself in a rig (truck and 6-horse trailer), so he kept me safe.

Favorite treats - popcorn, ice, grapes. Just about anything edible really.
Hates - people yelling/fighting. He is right there if he hears me cry/yell/sound upset.

The funniest thing in the world is to throw a handful of popcorn in the air and watch him try to catch it all. He likes to play flyball, run agility, and loves obedience. He thinks it is a game, and he has his C.D.X, which we accomplished when I was still in high school.

This guy also likes to go with me to the lake and swim. It is his job to alert us redneck yacht club people when boats are coming, especially harbor patrol. Also, no one dares to come on our boat unannounced at night either. Yes, he wears a doggie life jacket when we are moving (yes they do make those). The majority of the time the boats just stay tied together. And I do not take him when it is really crazy, like Labor Day or Memorial Day weekend.

He is laying next to me right now, waiting until I move somewhere else. If I go to get a drink, he goes. When I sit back down, he resumes guard. He earns those cheeseburgers when we go through the drive up window. I am not much for fast food, but he is.

My favorite thing about him is how he is thrilled to see me, whether I have been gone a week, or for ten minutes. A typical Aussie, he has no tail to wag. So he shakes his whole body. Poor guy - see what tail envy does?

Wish me luck - I want to win some money at a karaoke contest tonight. It starts at 9PM, so I better get a move on it.


Blogger Rude1 said...

nothing beats a good dog. I have two that are like kids to me. Good luck tonight!!!

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Shelleigh (aka Pie Shell) said...

Good Luck! Sing a little Patsy for me, will ya?

Eddie (aka Evildog, aka Bubba) says nice to meetcha brotha!

I go out walkin', after midnight, out in the moonlight....

8:36 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Cute dog!

How did you do in the contest?

9:01 PM  
Anonymous shayna said...

I have a Jack Russell, Tyler. My 17 month old son calls him Ty,Ty! Nothing like a great dog to complete someones life.

Good Luck tonight! ;)

9:49 PM  
Blogger Rude1 said...

So, did you win???

2:08 PM  

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