Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

I should still be snoring! (my friend still is). It has been raining buckets here, which is great because I was starting to worry about the crops - this winter has been too dry! I am such a farm girl...I hate paying too much for hay - droughts cut into my pocket!

Gretchen Wilson - All Jacked Up

Wow, last night was an adventure. So I just had to share "All Jacked Up" by Gretchen Wilson. I won backstage passes a few years ago, so I met her when she was on tour with Big and Rich. She was about as down-to-earth as they come. I hope she stays that way.

My friend Morgan and I went to the Irish and had a large time. Much to my delight, they had LIVE karaoke. OMG I was eating this up. Those guys can play anything - but sometimes they had to use sheet music. If you are new to this blog, you need to know that I would love to be singing, whether in my own band or someone elses. I get such a high from doing it.

Oddly enough, a lot of musicians were there just hanging out. The guys doing the karaoke are members of four other bands, so it was an interesting night, to say the least.

One guy, Kris, I hadn't seen in a long time. He is 33, and plays bass in the band him and his buddies started in Jr High. And they STILL play together. They are not "heavy" like my brothers band, so they get a wider audience. If Travis hadn't came back in the picture, I would have said yes to Kris about going out. *you know what they say - when ya ain't looking, the floodgates open*

The other musicians I didn't run into - they inquired about me at the bar because of my singing. Well, the gal I am calling Blonde Bitch asked about me. Kris warned me about her. I guess they have this little start-up country rock band that is a combo of what was left of two other bands that had a huge falling out over someone sleeping with someone else's wife... oh the drama *rolls eyes.* Well Blonde Bitch asked where I learned how to sing, where I was from, blah blah. She couldn't believe that my twin and I came out of the same womb. She knows him because he did her tattoos - did I forget to mention that my brother owns a tat and piercing shop?

She wanted me to sing with her; at least come and jam with them once. But before I could tell her NO (that bitch is psycho - drama clings to her like horse shit on my boots) a fight broke out over near Morgan. Poor tiny Morgan was sitting in the middle of it looking like a deer in headlights, so I had to go over and save her. She has no clue how to handle herself, and I wasn't about to let them hurt her.

The group got pretty rowdy, and Blonde Bitch ended up being the reason for the fight, as her ex-husband and her new man toy were BOTH in the fight. I didn't want to get in the middle of it, but I was really afraid Morgan was going to get hurt. Bar fights have a tendency not to be aware of their surroundings; dumbasses flock to them like intoxicated flies to sugar water.

Well, somehow I ended up pissing Blonde Bitch off trying to get Morgan back to safety. I don't know if we bumped into her or if it was my uncouth way of telling all of those drunk idiots to get the f*ck out of my way; she shoved Morgan, which set me off.

I am not a fighter, and I always try to diffuse things first. This being said, I grew up a scrapper. I bartended for years, and there are things you just gotta do. Sometimes instinct just kicks in.

The poor bartender (a chick I dubbed the bar waif) was in the middle of the brawl trying to get everyone to leave, and looked like she was being swallowed by the drunken frenzy. Morgan ran outside and called the cops on the cell phone, while stupid me tried to help the bar waif calm the fight down. I probably should have just grabbed the bar waif, but nnooooooo I had to stay.

Let's just say I don't think I will have to tell Blonde Bitch no thanks on her offer to jam with her band. Next time, she'll think twice about fighting. That whole group is barred from three bars all owned by the same guy, and I got offered a job bartending.

So, considering, the night turned out pretty good.


Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Oooooh! Danger! I am a waif who loves not physical confrontation but the crazy bohemian in me disagrees... I once had to fight to get a girlfriend back from two over-eager Norwegian guys to take her home with them since she was beyond-consent-drunk and growling at everyone in sight. The crazy bohemian won and boy was the waif happy!

Hmmm... Methinks I should party with you! Bohemians loooooveeee tough cowgirls! Good for you! K-kish girl! K-KISH!

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Shelleigh (aka Pie Shell) said...

*hooking up the Karake machine for Leather and Lace's arrival*.

Let's see... 24 hours... I can build a bar!


Go get'em tigeress!

1:37 PM  
Anonymous pia said...

I'll have whatever miz boho is on

Have a few hundred bar and/or club stories myself

And yes we should all party!

1:42 PM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

I looooooveee to party! Wouldn't that be beyond cool to meet each other sometime!?

Miz B - if you are ever in need of a tough cowgirl, I got ya back.

Shell - I could probably be there within 24 hrs...

Pia - I love club/bar stories. Bartending was so much fun for me because I got PAID to flirt and be a social butterfly.

Seriously, I think Miz Boho would make a mint if she packaged up whatever she is on, because I bet it is not anything we have ever even came close to. And I am sure it is vegetarian.

2:26 PM  
Blogger EsotericWombat said...

Damn do I need to be a bartender. Too bad I'm 19...

We really do all need to get wicked.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

EW - I always forget that you are only nineteen...
bartending is fun - usually

5:10 PM  
Blogger Major John said...

I used to work barback and door at a Nortwest Side Irish place in Chicago. One thing I learned - it is real easy to win a scarpe when you are well rested and sober, and the miscreant is overserved and tired, heh heh.
You seem to be having quite the interesting life lately, Cowgirl :)

6:27 PM  
Anonymous shayna said...

Oy... i had one of those fights happen while I was on stage. Scared me to death... I wrote about it awhile back. They actually closed down the bar.

So, are you going to take the job?

BTW... in June I am going to see Faith Hill and Tim McGraw... :)~

10:17 PM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

Major John - My life has me in a whirlwind. There are times I feel more confused now that I have time to think. Interesting, yes. But I am still working on figuring a lot of stuff out. So when I get tired of dealing with it, I have fun.

Shayna - bet you have some really good stories. I think after my run in with Eli my Jr year, I have no fear of fighting. Dunno why.

I am very jealous about you seeing Tim/Faith in June. I will be at Fort Sam Houston then.

As far as the job goes, I dunno. I will be leaving soon, so I might help them a little bit. I'll be back in August, so maybe I will do that while I pick up some classes.

1:19 AM  
Blogger Rude1 said...

BWAhahahahah! I wish I had been there, I used to enjoy a good bar brawl back in the day. Ah well, I leave that to you young-uns these days LOL! You do seem to have an interesting life out there:)
Up late I see...

1:29 AM  

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