Sunday, March 05, 2006

The feeling remains...even after the glitter fades

Did you know that REO Speedwagon was originally from my part of the country? They regularly played at a place called the Red Lion, which is located in Chambanaland, home of the Fighting Illini. I love the local underground music scene.This area seems to be pretty good at producing some good musicians. Currently there have been a lot of good indie rock bands flowing through orange and blue country.

Trivia Tidbit: Alison Krauss grew up in Chambanaland as a bluegrass fiddle prodigy. Suzy Boggus grew up in Aledo, which is not far from one of the farms I worked at training horses.


Need a good laugh? Hearing Doug cackle like a bohemian (Miz B, I presume?) made my day. I absolutely llooooooooveedd this story... listen to him reading it, and you will laugh.


Last night was quite the night. I was supposed to go out for a wild night out with the girls, but decided that I really wanted to spend time with Travis before he heads back up to play doctor. Probably a wise choice, because I hear the girls ended up getting a hotel room instead of making the 45 minute drive back.

By chance, my brother's band was playing about 20 minutes from my hometown, so we decided to go because Trav hadn't heard my twin play since high school when we would hang out and listen to his buddies try to get their shit together. They were really good (that's my brother!), and I had fun making fun of their so-called "groupies." I seriously need to take my brother shopping, as it seems that his entire wardrobe is black. I love black, don't get me wrong. But isn't life worth wearing color every few weeks?

They were done playing at 11PM, so we got the wild idea to head back home because one of the bars was staying open til 2AM. My brother's friends got some weird looks from the local yocals at this place, as it seemed to be wannabe cowboy night. Ah, the draws of having a mechanical bull in town. Urban Cowboy, anyone?

At first, I absolutely refused to get on it. But they just had to dare me to do it. "What sis, are ya scared? Come on you horse girl! Chicken!"

Siblings...aren't they fun? (I swear, except for music and genes, my twin and I are NOTHING alike). But I love him anyway - even if HE wouldn't ride the bull.

I had never been on one until last night, but I actually had a fun time. Now I know that I have a harder time staying on some of the horses I have trained (the machine tends to stay pretty stationary). Travis was laughing so hard that he about choked on his beer - guess I look pissed when I am concentrating on riding like Ty Murray or Chris Shivers. I got off on my own two feet, handed my glove to the stunned operator, and made my way back to sit with the gang.

One of my brother's friends made my night when he said, "Your sisters got more balls than you do, man." It's sad, but it's true.


Anonymous Shelleigh (aka Pie Shell) said...

Allison Krauss... my idol, my hero, my musical muse. Damn - I'm moving there - maybe it's in the water!

Good for you, too bad for the mechanical bull... wish you had a camera! Your poor brother's never gonna live it down, girl. Ha haaaaaaaa!

I hope you got some quality time with the doctor and get to see eachother again sooooooon.

I'm emailing you.

Happiness ~.*.~ L&L~.*.~ !!!!

7:32 PM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

I've got lots of pictures I am going to post of my adventures - when my friends finally email them to me. One has been quite the shutterbug lately while we have been out, and I know those pictures are good!

Probably are a few that aren't gonna make it on here though...

7:38 PM  

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