Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Happy March, everyone. It is another day of low 60 degree temperatures. I can smell the rain in the air, and my youngish joints ached during my morning run, forewarning of the precipitation to come. Sorry Shell, I'll wish some your way.

As I always do the beginning of each month, I whipped out the checkbook in celebration. While doing so, I got to thinking about how much little things about us that we carry around on the outside project - to anyone that pays attention - little glimmers of who we are. Not many people want to run around touting off about themselves, but it is amazing how much you can learn about a person by paying attention to detail.

Take the above picture for example. Looks simply like my hand holding my checkbook. Be observant, and this picture says a lot about me. My dark leather, concho bearing, basketweave checkbook says that I am a country girl with a slight traditional bearing. I am not a fan of those free plastic things; I work hard for my money, and I want to at least like my checkbook when spending it! No matter where I am at or what I am wearing, my country/horsey-set roots scream!

My nails tell a lot too. Real nails, French manicure. Again, classic and traditional. Subtle, but chic. (But what you don't see is that I am cheap because I usually do it myself!) I am a physical, sporty, outdoorsy girl, so I can't have them too long. However, the French manicure hints to my girlie side, even if I am clenching a beer while trying to stay on the back of a four-wheeler. My nails are always the same length; I am a perfectionist, so if I break one off, the others get similar sentences. My nails are either "naked" or I am sporting a French manicure - except when my nieces are over. Then they are hot pink or purple.

I've probably lost some guys, but seriously, pay attention to a gal's nails. Fake nails, colors, designs, stickers - they all have a story to tell. They are not just for scratching your back ; ).


Anonymous Luke said...

you can scratch my back anytime...oops, was that a pick up line?
; )

10:01 PM  

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