Thursday, March 02, 2006

As the sawdust turns...

I would love to post something of me singing. Guess that would entail me recording it. I've never done that before (posting it), but I am game. Help me, Shayna, oh talented one!
Aw... aren't we cute! I look like such a baby. We look so proud of our little Gatorade love-child. I always loved his mop of hair. This pic is from my freshman year. Geesh, he makes me look short (I'm 5'8). See the strawberry blonde hair! I think this was at a regional track meet where his relay won his 4 X 200, hence the tent in the background and the medal around his neck.

This eye-candy and I dated a LONG time, and decided to split up the summer before my Senior year, as he was headed to Stanford. Stanford! WTF Stanford! No way in hell to stay together, so we had a fun summer and said our goodbyes. I figured that I would never see him again.

I love this picture - I actually look happy.

This guy was my first REAL relationship. My first, well, you know ; ). Probably the first and last boyfriend I ever trusted and was 100% myself all the time. He was the only one I allowed to console me during one of the worst times in my life, which I will post about some other time, thanks to our dear Shayna making me think. Perhaps tomorrow after a few pots of coffee.
Now that I gave you some info explaining Travis and I, I want to let ya'll know that I am slightly inebriated. I just got home. I apologize, but I felt like I better post something or Shell would kill me for leaving her hanging. I went out for my buddy's birthday, and I honestly am still feeling it (totally buzzing, and NO I didn't drive). He DJ's karaoke at some of the bars, so of course I had to go out and play. Please bear with me - I promise I will have some good pictures to post after my other friend emails them to me tomorrow. We were dancing on the bar; quite the night. Even the bartender was taking pictures.
Flashback to the karaoke contest Wednesday night. (Again I apologize for this post - drunken tiredness is not good for this cowgirl).

I was announced the winner of the contest (yipee f-ing skippy), and after getting to talk on the radio (they made a big deal about it after someone told them I was in the ARNG), I tried to hide on a barstool against the wall on the end of the horseshoe shaped bar. This never works, but for some stupid reason I do it anyway. Old habits die hard, ya know.

Anyway, I am sitting there on that barstool, engrossed in my third beer, minding my own business. Perhaps a little overwhelmed.

"You waiting for me, Red?" says a familiar voice over my right shoulder. Could this be... no way... Travis?! I turned my head, and there he stood. Stoic. Suddenly, my heart fell in my stomach. I couldn't believe it. But no one says Red to me like he did.

"Travis!" I exclaimed, jumping off my barstool into his arms. Oops - again, old habits die hard. But I had to touch him and make sure I wasn't dillusional, or drunk. He even smelled the same.

It turns out that he was home because his grandfather had passed away. He couldn't stand being cooped up at home with his mom and dad, so he headed out to see if he could find some people he knew. He has been busy; he is in his last clinical year of med. school at UIC. Yep, my first love is a Dr.! (Paging Dr. Travis...). My heart is skipping a beat because he is in the Midwest.

We did the usual awkward small talk, noticing that neither of us had rings on our left hand. You know, all of that weird I am scared out of my mind shit. The entire time, all I could think about was kissing him. Even after all of these years, I just wanted to kiss him. We kept talking about where we had been, and what we had been doing, but all I could think about was kissing him.

I don't know why, but I invited him back to my place because it was too noisy at the bar to really talk. An innocent invitation; honestly. Country girl's honor. He had gotten a ride to the bar, so I told him I would take him home when he wanted to go.

Although we had both changed since last seeing each other, it was like it used to be. Comfortable. Eerie. Exciting. On the drive there, we are chit chatting away about what everyone else is up to; oblivious to the fact that we had not talked in close to 8 years.

In no time we were at my place, I turned my truck off, and started heading inside. I turned around to warn him about a step up onto the pathway of stepping stones (no true sidewalks in the country), and I bumped into him because he had been following me really closely. He caught me, and I absolutely melted. My mind is reeling; I don't know what to do. How do I react? Damn, I wish my brain would stop thinking sometimes.

Then he kissed me. Softly, inviting. Scared.

He just had to do that. Now what? What is he doing! What am I doing? Shit!

By now I am shaking because it is cold outside - or maybe because of all the emotions in active turmoil with my brain. Trembling; know what I mean?

Dr. Travis PICKED ME UP and carried me into the house, placed me on the couch, and kissed my forehead gently.
To be continued tomorrow... as the sawdust turns.


Anonymous Shelleigh (aka Pie Shell) said...! When are you gonna let the Gatorade love child know his daddy's back?

This is so awesome...

*waiting with baited breath*

6:11 AM  
Blogger Rude1 said...

uh oh, old flames... hehehehe could get warm out there! Congrats on your win!!! I agree with Shayna, record something for us puhleeze...

9:26 AM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

I love our gatorade love child!
I'll record something, I promise.

4:12 PM  
Anonymous shayna said...

I had a similar thing happen to me with an old soldier friend (right after my divorce)... it was spectacular and the feeling was wonderful.

Good for you!

Ummm... recording yourself singing at Karaoke? or just at home? singing Karaoke you have to have someone record you by video or by a special recorder so you can turn it into a wav file/ video you can extract the vocals. At home, all you have to have is a microphone, a sound card on your computer and use whatever recording software that came with your computer... that's what I do. :)

12:03 AM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

I would much rather just sing live... but will figure out someway to record something. I'm sure my brother could help me.

4:36 PM  

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