Sunday, March 12, 2006

Adventures In Babysitting

Somehow I got a wild hair up my ass and invited my dad to go out with all of us to the AC/DC tribute band last night. This takes a lot of patience and guts on my part, as my dad can be quite a handful after he drinks a few. He seems to forget that he is 49 (not 21), and he tends to speak without considering what he is actually saying first. My mom was really nervous about him getting into a fight, because he tends to stay out of what he calls "preppy" bars... In his younger days, he had to replace three doors and a window.

Must not be too preppy there, as I was about knocked over when I opened the door to the restroom.

To my surprise, he behaved (for him anyway) and everyone thought he rocked. I gave everyone strict rules - no buying my dad shots! He was drinking so fast, I was getting him two beers at a time. The bar was so packed that they had four bartenders AND the owner serving drinks. That's a big deal in these parts!

I joked with the owner that I might need to borrow the dolley he uses to bring beer up from the cooler to get my dad out to the truck, as he was quickly getting tanked and reminiscing about the last AC/DC concert that he went to that was so smoky, everyone had no choice in getting a little high. (Those must have been the days!)

My dad was in heaven. He was drumming along and rockin' out at one of our group's tall tables. About every 20 minutes or so, he would say "Thank you so much Sis for letting me have fun!" No prob, Dad! He was in heaven being surrounded by my girls, lol.

I was out dancing with the girls, when Travis grabbed me off the dance floor to let me know that my dad had fallen out of his chair. I panicked, as my dad's heart isn't all that good. Travis helped me find him in the restroom. But it turns out he was ok, just totally wasted. He couldn't walk straight to save his life. I was pleading for him to let me take him home, but he was adamant about staying til the band's last set was over. And then he was being a bear because I refused to feed him anymore beers... (all this time, Travis is right there).

Seriously, I was joking about having to use the dolley, but he was pretty damn close to needing it!

It was so funny being his crutch out of the bar and to the truck. Quite the father/daughter experience. My mom found it entertaining when I turned over her drunk husband to her and left to go have coffee with the good doctor.

During all of the commotion, I think I realized who has my heart right now.


Blogger Major John said...

Travis! Travis! Travis! Whoo hoo! Chalk one up for the good guys! At least I hope so... :)

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Shelleigh (aka Pie Shell) said...

Oh no!!! ~*L&L*~...this reminds me of the time I took my tea-totaling preacher father to an Irish Pub on St. Patty's day... a few shots of Bush Mill's and he was crying over a map of Ireland and had developed some kind of mysterious brogue (ROFLMAO)... Dad's need us!!!

Sounds like you had a GREAT time, and the good Dr. WINS! Woot!


6:26 PM  
Anonymous shayna said...

Geez... that's funny! I can remember my dad at one of my pre-wedding parties getting totally wasted and we had to drag him to the car. Which is so not my father... I loved it! :)

My mom can have a glass of wine and she thinks she is drunk... she is such the drama queen! LOL!

Follow your heart... :)

9:00 PM  
Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Hooray for Travis! Go DR GO!

2:33 AM  

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