Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl Sunday

Steeler's won! I hung out at my friend's bar last night during his Super Bowl party that 1/2 the town annually attends. During half time we have a field goal kicking contest - each contestant got three attempts to kick a Nerf football through an inflatable goal post that was hung from the ceiling. Anyone that makes at least one field goal gets to put his/her John Hancock on the football - the ball is retired after a few years when the signatures get too crowded. Much to the guys dismay, my friend Kristen's mom won after making all three kicks!

Kristen's cousin was there - he is in the Air National Guard. He was in his BDU's and I couldn't tell what rank he is, but he had to be up there. I know he isn't an officer. I didn't get a chance to talk to him.

I had fun at the party, but I zoomed home right after the Steelers were declared the champs. Grey's Anatomy was on, and I wanted to watch it in peace! It was an awesome episode. This show is the only one other than Medium and ER that I absolutely have to watch every week.

I was thrilled that Jack Army read my blog, posted a comment about my first post on 05 FEB 2006, and linked me back to his blog. Wow. I will take my battle buddy everywhere, Jack Army.

My old recruiter called me last night while I was getting ready for the Super Bowl party, and he sounded like he was at one of his own. He was in the Army for a long time, and went into the ARNG after his contract was up. He is doing a good job. I wish everyone got a recruiter like him, and he wants all his recruits to be like me (he usually deals with high schoolers looking for anything to make their lives better). These kids call him when they are upset after their girlfriends/boyfriends break up with them. Geesh - he is a recruiter, not your best friend. He just says it is part of his job, but I think it's a load of crap. But I was informed and knew what I was after, so I can't be that judgemental because I am not in those kid's shoes.

I think I took too many philosophy/ethics classes.


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