Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I love to sing, it is one of my favorite things, right up there with riding horses. I am a performer, and always have been since I was very little, singing in musicals and choirs. I have spent my whole life being in choir, swing choir, theatre, etc. I won state competitions individually, within ensembles, and with my show choir. I was fortunate to have several good instructors and three friends that shared my passion for singing. We sang the National Anthem together at ball games, performed in talent shows together, everything. We attached ourselves to each other starting in sixth grade during Jr. High, and were still singing together as Seniors in high school. Scary.

I don't know how many times we sang Heart and Soul acapella, or sang the National Anthem.

The older I get, the more comfortable I am in my skin, and it really shows in my true passions - horses and music.

I get happily drug around to sing karoake, which can be found just about any night if one is willing to drive 20 minutes. Unfortunately, I have made friends with several of the DJ's that do karoake, so if they are having a slow night or need someone that CAN sing to show up, then they call me. Usually they offer an endless supply of drinks, which certainly helps in the decision making.

I also have won several karoake contests, which means money!! I like the ones that do not allow words on the screen, hehehehe.

There are also several bands that do "Live" karoake. The very first time I did this, I got offered a gig singing with a band! I have sang a few songs here and there with different bands that play in the area, but I have never aspired to do anything with it.

But I can't help thinking that maybe I should. SO many people complement me on singing, and I am way modest about it. If I was that good, I would have a recording contract, right? I have heard for several years that I should try out for Nashville Star. I checked out the newest set of competitors, and they all have extensive lists of credentials already. But when I listened to the audio clips, the gals weren't all impressive. Maybe I should give it a go next season, at least I could say I tried out. Seems everyone has American Idol or Nashville Star fever - if I tried out, then I could tell them to shut up about it already!

A gal I know (Andrea) played fiddle and did background vocals for Danni Leigh. I am not sure if she is on tour now or not, but I met Andrea when she was home last year. She was bartending at a bar a mile from the bar I tended at. We met because her bar stayed open later than my bar. Neither of us knew that the other one was musical until a karaoke night rolled through. She over heard me singing, and wanted me to sing a song for her by Danni Leigh. Very few people know who Danni is on a huge mainstream level, so we both shocked each other that someone else in Cornland had heard of her.

Andrea always told me that the music industry is what you make of it. You only get out of it what you put in it. I will have to think about that. Could be fun. The music industry is a tough world, but after basic, I bet it will seem like a cake walk!


Anonymous shayna said...

You should give it a go... Nashville Star that is... It doesn't matter what your list of credentials are. If you have talent (which I am sure you do) it will shine through.

The music business is a tough road... you have to have some thick skin. Good luck and give your dreams a shot... :)

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