Friday, February 24, 2006

Really, Am I That Interesting?

*Rant Time*

My biggest thing I am a little pissy about right now is how I can not go out with any of my guy friends without someone thinking that something is going on between us. Geesh, if I go talk to some guy for a few minutes I must be interested in him. And I guess if a guy buys me a few drinks I must be sleeping with him. WTF? Am I stuck in Hicktown, USA? What happens if I am seen out eating with him? Are we getting married then?

I am not necessarily being talked badly about, but for some reason I am a hot topic in town. Wow, I think they have talked about me more in the last three months than my entire four years of high school.

The biggest thing that gets them talking is if I drive anywhere with a guy in tow. I enjoy doing this. I brought my cousin out one time, and the whole town was in a frenzy gossiping because first of all, they had no clue WHO the hottie was, and secondly I entered and left places with JUST him.

My hometown has a population of a little under 10,000. So it is not a metropolis, but by no means is it Mayberry. (I swear Barney Fife is a city kitty in the town south of here though). This place is small enough that everyone knows someone that knows or is related to just about everyone else. Including all of the surrounding towns, villages, etc. But the kicker is that it is just big enough that not everyone knows everyone's business like in a little town of 200 in the middle of BFE.

OMG. My personal favorite was an older guy saying I must be gay because I wasn't interested in the (much) older guys hitting on me when I first came back. They figured out that I hadn't taken any of them home yet - they had all struck out, so I must like girls (I could have some fun with that like we always did in college). Hmmmm... last time I checked I was still straight (but NOT straight-laced). Now, if they had come to this conclusion due to the craziness on the dance floor after all of us semi-intoxicated girls start grinding and dirty dancing I would think it was hella-funny. Believe me, girls in Cornland are just as crazy as girls in NYC, the Windy City, or anywhere else for that matter. Sometimes I think they are more fun. Country girls rock!

Maybe, just maybe, I don't want to take anyone home. Seems everyone forgot that I was engaged a few years back, and that I have had one actual serious boyfriend since then. If I was wanting a one night stand I sure as hell would NOT be making my selections from around here. That would add way to much fuel to the fire.

I just came back to my home town in December, and all of my close friends live at least over an hour away. My best friends all live out of state now. And the majority of them are married with kids. So I am in a sort of limbo. I know several people that are in town, but most of them I do not know on a "let's go hang out" basis. I have gotten closer to several of them, but it has been interesting. Especially since most of them are male.

Le sigh.


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