Sunday, February 26, 2006

Grey Matter

Ever wake up to a day that makes your brain hurt? Today has been one of those days for me. Ugh. I think too much. Sometimes I wish mine had an off/on switch. Preferably something along the lines of a dimmer.


In a few hours I am going to head out to kick back a few with some friends and enjoy some Sunday night karaoke. I am not sure whether I will be back in time to watch Grey's Anatomy, so I will have to make sure my mom TiVo's it tonight. Quite the sacrifice.

The Illini pulled of a win last night against Iowa. Big sigh of relief - this was the last home game for Dee and Augustine, and their teammates helped pull off a victory. I am excited for March Madness to begin. But next season might be a little shaky, as the last few big players from last year's astounding team hand off the life blood of the Orange and Blue.

That won't deter the Orange Krush, official cheering section of Illini basketball, and NCAA's most notorious fans. As I was watching the Olympics, particularly the speedskating, I noticed a lot of attention being given to the orange cheering sections from the Netherlands. These Dutch fans remind me of the Orange Krush.


Blogger Major John said...

Did you see the three busloads of Orange Crush members who went up to U of Minnesota for the game? Ha! They may have had to sit in the rafters, but they got the last laugh. Oskee wow wow.

6:49 PM  

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