Friday, February 03, 2006

Find Out More About This Cowgirl

Ok, thought I would do this for kicks.

*Four jobs you have had in your life*
1.) Bartender
2.) Horse trainer/riding instructor
3.) Research Assistant
4.) Secretary

*Four movies you could watch over and over again*
1.) Pretty Woman
2.) Forest Gump
3.) Cocktail
4.) Saving Private Ryan

*Four TV shows you love to watch*
1.) Grey's Anatomy
2.) ER
3.) CSI
4.) The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno
4.) Medium

*Four places you have been on vacation* (nowhere really cool yet)
1.) Washington, DC
2.) Cocoa Beach, Florida
3.) Mustang Island and San Antonio
4.) Disney World (lol)

*Four websites you visit daily*
1.) Grey Eagle (A Female Soldier)
2.) Chicago Tribune
4.) Smash - The Military Outpost

*Four favorite foods*
1.) Dr. Pepper
2.) Pizza
3.) Yogurt
4.) Steak

*Four places you would rather be*
1.) Riding a horse
2.) On a gorgeous beach next to a tropical ocean holding a drink with an umbrella in it while being surrounded by hotties
3.) Ireland
4.) Australia

*Four favorite alcoholic beverages*
1.) Bud light (in a bottle please)
2.) Amaretto Stone Sour
3.) Malibu and pineapple
4.) anything not draft beer


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