Friday, February 17, 2006

Do You Believe That Things Happen For A Reason?

I do. I am not necessarily a big believer in a set, pre-planned destiny. However, I do think that things happen in our lives to help us find our destiny. Or something like that. If I would not have had a pre-midlife crisis, then I would never had gotten so pissed off that I decided I needed to make a change. Therefore, I would have never of joined the National Guard, because I would think I was happy doing what every one else wanted me to do. I think that the National Guard is going to provide me with a multitude of experiences that are going to challenge who I currently am as an individual, and shape who I will become.

Some may think that it is a little drastic, but as that Sheryl Crow song goes "A change will do you good." (I am starting to sound a little sappy there).

I just pray that if I end up in Iraq that I come back walking on my own two feet, all appendages fully operational.

Change of venue - I am getting ready to head out tonight to listen to a tribute band. Could be interesting, being that it is a KISS tribute band. Yep, they wear the paint and everything. I think I am going to feel like I needed to dress up for a Halloween party or something. Better get going, still got wet hair!

Oh - one more thing! I think that I am going to end up in a band after all! More details on that later.



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